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Not just for laughing at rice boiz

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May 16th, 2004

i_read_your_lj @ 01:58 am: Got JDM continued
Also, the sr20det is known for having a nearly bullet proof bottom end. Don't let the stock 205hp fool you. You could crank the boost and never have to worry about it. The stock turbo can also take you pretty far as well.

Here is a link to sr20 swap info. With info on installing the motor, intercooler and piping, wiring, and fuel pump. Cause you'll definatly need more fuel to feed the beast.

Here we've got 240sx.org. They've got boards, install how-to's, classifieds, and most importantly an bad-ass FAQ section. The sr20det faq is fantastic.

Ok, that's all for now kiddies.

i_read_your_lj @ 01:56 am: Got JDM?
In response to Clayton's desire for a Silvia powered 240sx. Here's a link to TotalJDM. They've got engines and transmissions from all of the major Japanese car makers. They sell S13 red and black tops for a cool 1500 bucks. That's a complete swap by the way. You can also opt for the complete uncut carside harness for $200 extra. But that isn't nessicary. The website has also got useful links and customer tips and info. I know a million more sites that sell swaps but they are all in my favorites on Beth's computer and know that I need them I can't remember most of them.

Also, to help Clayton out some more. Micheal Sempart who lives across the street from Ryan Jordan, has just aquired a red S13 that he wants to get rid of. It doesn't run so it would be the perfect candidate for a heart transplant.

asx @ 01:22 am: In order to slightly revive this group (keep in mind that it's for general car talk/rants as well as pictures of riceyboiz)

I'm officially on the Hunt for a 240sx. I haven't said anything to my dad about it (the man with the plan (and by plan I mean the check)) but I'm sure he won't mind...
The SR20DET swap looks good but it only brings it to the JDM Stock 202 if I'm lucky. I'm not sure about mod possibility past that. I know you can lower the stroke on the KA24 to help with the revs. slap on a turbo and overbore the shit out of it. But the SR20? Also getting the engine itself would be rough. A JDM front clip would be sweet (take a onevia to a straight silvia) but I don't know how that would work. I'm sure my dad would be able to show me how to do all the bodywork and paint would not be a problem (considering my father jsu thappens to be an award winning (literaly) painter. It's just too bad we haven't got the paint booth finished, not to mention that he doesn't have plans to do it until winter

I managed to back up over a curb at IHOP tonight... and yelled oh fuck with my windows down... most embarassing

May 9th, 2004

asx @ 11:05 pm: TAC Autocross Sunday the 16
at the Old Airport (John Hunt Park
or something like that, near the
Intersection of Airport and Leemanfairy Road

Show up early (Not sure of the time)
Cost should be $20

May 4th, 2004

asx @ 08:45 pm: Someone with digicam take pix of Plymouth with a wing that resides in our fair parking lot...

April 26th, 2004

sunnyrainydayz @ 09:17 pm: i was compelled to join this community because...

i was driving today. and i saw the friggin baby blue civic that i see ALL THE TIME!!! i will get a picture of it one day. unfortunately, i haven't seen the pink one in forever...

beth and i were talking about how bhm people don't break out the rice 'til it gets warm. well, it's warm. and the rice is in full effect. unfortunately, i don't have the digital camera-ness with me at the moment. but i will take it with me wherever i go this summer, in hopes of getting more than the huntsville rice...

so, this was pointless other than to say that i have joined ye community ^_^

April 17th, 2004

converseonfire @ 02:38 pm: Better Picture later...

Exiting the Buckhorn High School parking lot.

Current Music: the badger animation on minimize

April 13th, 2004

converseonfire @ 09:11 pm: Monte Carlo of doom

I saw this today and wished I had my camera. It was a pre 99 Chevy Monte Carlo some guy had riced out. It was hilarious and sounded like a hairdrier. I'll try to get a real picture soon.

April 12th, 2004

asx @ 07:35 pm: first post
My job is great. Paycheck will be nice... I'm thinking about 80 after THE MAN has had his share. With that I'm thinking maybe plugs and a boost controller. or a cd-deck, but I really don't care about my lack of music.
I have new tires, soft compound touring tires... bad ass. I can't get the car to slide when making a 90* turn from a stop. Needless to say good tires combined with that euro suspension make it a bitching ride. The 7.4psi booste helps. 30 bucks to fill a tank of gas sucks though.

I changed the oil & filter the other day... I love how the oil pan has a little extending bubble where the drain plug is so all the oil comes out quickly. And the place where you put oil on the valve cover (I can't thing of the name of it) is extended up so you don't need a funnel. Trunk and Hood are balanced so you can close with one hand... doors are quiet...

Now I need to save money and buy exhaust. I was thinking of 2.5" Borla Stainless, turbo back would be nice, but cat back will be about as good. But I really wish I had a 740turbo with a 5 speed so I can show off a BOV under WOT instead of me putting a BOV on a 940 and have it only vent when I slow down... not worth it. I'm starting to miss teh Ricer Boi days. I still haven't found anyone driving home in the last couple nights that looks like they'd want to race. I mean really, shouldn't racers, drunks, and late shift people be the only ones on the streets past 11?

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