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Not just for laughing at rice boiz

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asx @ 02:26 am: asdfasdatds or "The Most Frustrating Thing"
Hey kids, just dropping in to share the gospel...

DON'T EVER (AND I MEAN EVER! even if someone is going to kill your mother if you don't) EVER SAY, "All that's stopping us from starting this bitch is fuel and coolant." You will be up till 2:00AM trying to figure out why you blow your engine fuse everytime you attempt to start the thing. Then you realize that the fuel pump hasn't been adapted at all for the ECU to run it, so it wouldn't matter anyways.

The fuel went in just fine, no leaks or anything. however After pouring in a whole gallon of 50/50 antifreeze I realize that the engine drain plug is missing while it's about halfway through dumping out all that I poured in. Easily solved by grabbing one off the other engines.

Then we put the key in and get no Idiot lights or guages of anykind. realize that the fuse is missing for the guages and replace it. realize that the guages now work but not the idiot lights, check more fuses to find that the one for the engine is dead. replace and retry, same. damnit. Maybe the Injectors are drawing too much power? psyche. same thing. So tomorrow I get to spend digging though all these diagrams and looking for places where I may have mis-wired. Unfortunately there is no guide for this. The only one I've found was for a GSL-SE which is practically worthless fo rme having an '83 GSL which is an S2 ('84-'85 cars are S3)

Someone cry a river for me

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