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Not just for laughing at rice boiz

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x__birel42__x @ 05:18 pm:

Hey everyone,

I'm 14, and I live in Connecticut. I race shifter karts, and I like cars. I've been to Laguna Seca and Lime Rock with Skip Barber open-wheel cars. Ricers make me laugh whenever they drive by, but it sucks 'cause everyone is always like, 'Shit, that car's fuckin' fast!'. I have pictures of the racing, but I'm not sure if I should post them or not. My dream car is an STi or R32. NASCAR sucks. WRC, JGTC, Champ Car, SPEED GT & Touring Car, Trans-Am, F1, MotoGP, ALMS, and Rolex Sports Car Series are the best in my opinion. That's it.


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Date:February 7th, 2005 06:30 am (UTC)
<3 for the r32. My favorite of the 2, but I am a biased Volkswagen owner. The STi is a good car too, but its all about preference.

I like nascar sometimes, but I have to be in the mood for it.

Thanks for posting!
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Date:February 7th, 2005 01:11 pm (UTC)
Shifter carts are pretty cool. A guy down here AutoX's a one speed cart and it's usually between him and his dad with a first gen RX-7 for FTD.
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Date:February 7th, 2005 03:40 pm (UTC)
Welcome to the club... if it could be called that.

Several of us here know about shifter carts, from the local autoxs. Those things are crazymadtightfastyo!
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